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L'optimisation des flux de votre capital humain !

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Daniëlle van der Spree

“Living an impassioned and authentic life - and experience Flow - begins with learning to really know yourself.
By cultivating this you can be true to yourself, self aware and therefore optimize your resources to live life fully & meaningful .

Who am I?

Born in the Netherlands, I moved to Belgium when I was a child. I was brought up in a multicultural environment, and graduated at the European School of Brussels.
After my degree in Business communication I acquired, for over 10 years, a rich and international experience as a marketing communication specialist; managing, servicing and giving strategic advice to multinational clients. After a training in coaching I went through a stage of personal development and professional reorientation, which resulted in the insight that I wanted to rather work on the development of human potential than consumption potential. Trainings in Mindfulness and stress management, Rational Efficiency training, and Positive Psychology (concept Flow) followed.

Certifications in coaching (Associate Certified Coach ICF), team animation (trainer-coach) and Mindfulness, as well as freelance experience as a trainer in soft skills since 2010, conducted me to create my own ‘Flow’ approach in coaching and training, focused on the optimisation of ‘flow’ in human capital with a holistic, mindful approach.

Authentic, warm, open, curious, and respectful for individual and collective needs, I thrive for an alliance between ‘human-doing’ and ‘human-being’, so that well-being, energy, motivation, efficiency and performance gives people - professionally and in everyday life - the ability to find their ‘flow’ and thus a meaningful, balanced and vital life.

Open and curious to learn, I continuously enrich my approach of the optimisation of ‘Flow’ towards ‘Grow’ of Human Capital.


What do I believe in?

Every person possesses the resources to develop his/her professional and personal potential and well-being. The state of mind and self-knowledge are vital in this process as we’re all driven by our emotions, thoughts and actions. As a trainer and coach I facilitate this process with my ‘Flow’ approach, by helping my clients to (re)initiate ‘flow’ and thus ‘grow’ in their professional and personal lives.
How? By stimulating auto-evaluation and by letting them experience specific tools & methods that enhance vitality, well-being, motivation, efficiency, and authentic performance.
Awareness, self-knowledge, courage, openness, desire, autonomy, responsibility and perseverance are important qualities to set the sales (goals) adequately, on the side of the client as well as the facilitator.
‘Self-realisation’ is one of the most important factors for happiness or well-being. To get or to reach what you desire is linked to satisfaction. But life is full of change, pleasant and unpleasant moments, so it’s important to welcome all of it on the way to your goal, because as Jon Kabat-Zinn says ‘you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’.


As Managing partner of Flow Development I give trainings in 4 of the 5 levels of Flow in Human Capital: energy, personal, interpersonal, and (self)leadership since 2012. Furthermore I give trainings in Mindfulness & Mindflowness (= Mindfulness + Flow) @work since 2010.
I also coach individuals professionally and privately, since 2009, on the development of their potential, stress and emotions management, relation and communication.

Daniëlle Van der Spree


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